Voodoo Zombie

The first Chilean Psychobilly band, VOODOO ZOMBIE was formed in 2006 by Katona Katrina (vocals), Lucifer (guitar), Sexbastian (Double bass). In 2007 they released their first work "El demo del Horror", an EP with 4 songs and a comic by the Argentine cartoonist El Flyman. That same year they released the music video for the song Amor Psycho that currently has more than half a million views. That year they were invited to participate in the Nekrofest in the city of Lima in Peru with an excellent reception from the audience. In February 2008 they toured Brazil playing in Sao Paulo and ended up in the Psychocarnival of the city of Curitiba sharing the stage with Mad Sin. In May of the same year they are invited to make play in Buenos Aires with a very good reception by the Buenos Aires public. In 2008 they released their first LP and the song Manicomio was used by the director Jorge Olguin in the first chilean zombie movie, “Solos.” They also recorded the music video of this same song under the direction of Jorge Olguin. After making multiple appearances in Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, Chillan and Antofagasta, in 2009 they were invited to participate in one of the biggest Psychobilly festivals in the world "Hollywood Showdown" in the city of Hollywood, United States. In this festival they played for more than 8,000 attendees and shared the stage with great and legendary bands like The Quakes, Guanabatz, Levi Dexter, Polecats among others. Voodoo Zombie also held a meet and greet at the Red Zone for more than 400 people who came to meet them. 

In the year 2010 they are again invited as one of the star numbers to the Psychocarnival of Curitiba Brazil where the reception of the public confirms the fame reached by the band in that country. The last work of the band is the recording of the video clip of the song Pandemia under the direction of Nicolás Salinas, the premiere of the video clip is made in the event center La Batuta with great audience attendance. In December of 2010 Mortis enters the drums and begins to compose and play with the band. In February 2011, the third album named "Santa Muerte" was recorded under the musical production of Jorge Esteban (sound engineer who participated in Ramones' "Animal Boy" album, among many bands). In April 2011, they traveled to Brazil for the third time and participated in the Virada Cultural Festival together with Misfits, P.O.D., Sepultura, Slim Jim Phantom. VOODOO ZOMBIE plays for 18 thousand spectators. In May 2011 The LP "Santa Muerte" is released with great success In August The band suffers a break and it is necessary to reformulate a change in their path. In April of the year 2012 The band returns with Katona Katrina in the voices, Lucifer Rocker in the Guitar, Dr. F in the double bass and Mortis in the drums. With a successful Show at the Riock and Guitarras de Santiago de Chile. In October 2012 the band released their single "ZombieWalk" supporting the event that takes this name in the city of Santiago de Chile, where they performed with a powerful show to more than 12,000 people, having great success. 2013 The band returns to play in massive events such as La Cumbre del Rock, The Day of the Hose and the Merken Rock Festival. Consolidating his career years.